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Greetings everyone!
I got tired of there being no community for the author T.A. Barron so I finally decided to make one myself.

This is a community to discuss pretty much anything concerning T.A. Barron including his books, articles, and enviromental causes.

T.A. Barron's impressive list of books include:

The Heroic Adventures of Kate -
The Ancient One
The Merlin Effect

The Lost Years of Merlin epic -
The Lost Years of Merlin (book one)
The Seven Songs of Merlin (book two)
The Fires of Merlin (book three)
The Mirror of Merlin (book four)
The Wings of Merlin (book five)

The Great Tree of Avalon Trilogy -
Book One, Child of the Dark Prophecy
Book Two, Shadows on the Stars (released just this past October!!)
Book Three (set to be released next fall)

Tree Girl

Picture Books -
High As A Hawk
Where Is Grandpa?

Nature and Hero Books -
The Hero's Trail
To Walk in Wilderness
Rocky Mountain National Park: A 100 year perspective

Now, of course, a few rules:
Always be respectful to other members.
No course or vulgar language of ANY kind.
Be sensitive to the fact that there may be younger members and keep things PG.

If you want more information on T.A. Barron, please visit his OFFICIAL site at:


Welcome ;)

On your first entry would you be so kind as to introduce yourself and answer three fun questions? Here they are:

What is Your Favorite T.A. Barron Book?


Who Is Your Favorite Character From T.A. Barron's Books?

Thanks :D