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High As A Hawk
A T. A. Barron Fan Community
12th-Jun-2006 07:51 pm - 'Avalon' Anouncement!
Hello all!

Sorry for the lack of posts, hopefully I'll get better... *sheepish grin*

Exciting news!

The release date has been set for the third and final book in the 'The Great Tree of Avalon' trilogy!

The third book is titled 'The Eternal Flame' and is set to be released on October 19!

If you wish to see the bookcover and read early semi-spoilery reviews of the new book, just go to the link below:


It might also be worthwhile to check on his appearence schedule - he's making appearences in a couple places this month and I can say from personal experiance that it is well worthwhile to see/meet him. 

Blessings all ;) ~ Rae
1st-Feb-2006 12:28 am - the girl in the radiator
my name's emma & this community makes me grin very widely.

What is Your Favorite T.A. Barron Book?

the lost years of merlin. i was obsessed with arthurian legend in the seventh grade & fell in love with this book. it's closely followed by the seven songs of merlin (i found that i lost interest after this one) and the merlin effect.


i love the story behind it, exploring into merlin's childhood. i've always been interested in reading about my favourite celebrites' childhoods & discovering what made them the way they are, so it was interesting to read. something about it just completely captured me . . . to the point where i still list it as one of my favourite books about eight years later.

Who Is Your Favorite Character From T.A. Barron's Books?

merlin. his struggle of coming to grips with who he is & what he needs to do as well as being a typical teenager was totally appealing.
18th-Dec-2005 09:51 am - Barron Trivia Answer
Which famous fantasy author played a major role in T.A. Barron's very first book 'Heartlight' getting published and jump-starting his career?

The Answer to the trivia question is:

Madeleine L'Engle, well known author of such books as: A Wrinkle In Time, A Wind In The Door, Many Waters, etc., A Ring of Endless Light, and many, many others.

While the details are not known, it is said that somehow Ms. L'Engle ended up reading the manuscript for Heartlight and was influential in having it published after it had been turned down by many agents and publishing houses.

On an interesting note, Madeleine has her own author's website which includes an actual mailing address for any fans wishing to contact her.
2nd-Dec-2005 06:38 pm - Barron Trivia Question
Here's an interesting Barron trivia question:

Which famous fantasy author played a major role in T.A. Barron's very first book 'Heartlight' getting published and jump-starting his career?

I found the answer in an article from the Rocky Mountain News and just wonder if anyone else happens to know the answer *grins*.
And no, no one wins anything sadly except the pride of knowing the answer.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!
19th-Nov-2005 10:47 pm(no subject)

Glad to hear there is now a community for T.A Barron. I'm a big fan of his books and now that there is community, I really look forward to discussing some of them. Okay, but first, the questions:

What is Your Favorite T.A. Barron Book?
Okay, It's really hard to pick, but I'd have to say I'm in love with his Lost Years of Merlin books.

Well, when I first read these I was really into Merlin and his books totally grabbed my attention. They were definitely my favorite books for the longest time. These were the first books of his that I had ever read. After the first one I heckled the school librarian into getting the rest of the series. I wasn't disappointed and by the end of the month I had read and re-read each of them.

Who Is Your Favorite Character From T.A. Barron's Books?
Hmm...That one's tough. I'd have to say Rhia. She just had such a fun character in the books, I loved reading scenes with her in them.
18th-Nov-2005 08:21 am(no subject)
Welcome to High As A Hawk everyone!

*okay, so right now I'm the only one, but I see that as a mere technicality*

Anyway, so this is a community to discuss all thing T.A. Barron, be it any one of his numerous books or articles or enviromentalism.

The name of this community comes from one of his picture books for children. For those who have not read it, it is based on the true story of a little girl who climbs Longs Peak (a very high mountain in Colorado) after the death of her mother.
It is a beautiful book about courage, love, and overcoming fears and obstacles. I just felt it a fitting title. :D

Anyway, please spread the word that this is here to any Barron fans you know of.

And, in keeping with my own rules:

What is your favorite T.A.B. book?

The Ancient One


Growing up in the mountains, I love nature and this book just brought so many things to life for me; it was the first really full length book I ever read and has made an impact on my own writing to this day.

Favorite Character from T.A.B.'s books?

Right now I'm a big fan of Tamwyn from the 'Avalon' series.
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