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High As A Hawk
A T. A. Barron Fan Community
Welcome to High As A Hawk everyone! *okay, so right now I'm the only… 
18th-Nov-2005 08:21 am
Welcome to High As A Hawk everyone!

*okay, so right now I'm the only one, but I see that as a mere technicality*

Anyway, so this is a community to discuss all thing T.A. Barron, be it any one of his numerous books or articles or enviromentalism.

The name of this community comes from one of his picture books for children. For those who have not read it, it is based on the true story of a little girl who climbs Longs Peak (a very high mountain in Colorado) after the death of her mother.
It is a beautiful book about courage, love, and overcoming fears and obstacles. I just felt it a fitting title. :D

Anyway, please spread the word that this is here to any Barron fans you know of.

And, in keeping with my own rules:

What is your favorite T.A.B. book?

The Ancient One


Growing up in the mountains, I love nature and this book just brought so many things to life for me; it was the first really full length book I ever read and has made an impact on my own writing to this day.

Favorite Character from T.A.B.'s books?

Right now I'm a big fan of Tamwyn from the 'Avalon' series.
19th-Nov-2005 07:26 am (UTC)
I found the same disappointing lack of t a fans when I first came to lj
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